# August Update # — Universal Reward Protocol
admin admin | August 31, 2018

The end of the summer always comes with a good story to tell. Universal Reward Protocol is not exempted! We are pround to announce two new partnerships signed with ConsenSys and Coinsilium. You’ll find details on those two collaborations below.

You can find some community updates, product and technical updates, events we’ll soon be at, new partnerships signed and team updates.

As always, if you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community updates

We wanted to give a special shout out to our supporters who took the time to learn about Universal Reward Protocol and gave a try at our bounty quiz, you were over 10,000! Hundreds of articles and videos were also created about Universal Reward Protocol and we are very thankful for this support.

1)Bounty quiz

Congratulations to all whose have taken the time to fill in our difficult quiz on Universal Reward Protocol. We are glad to have found some great feedback in the open question since we believe our community will be one of our most solid strengths.
The quiz is now closed since 5,000 people have successfully passed the quiz. As you probably know, if you are amongst the 5,000, you’ll be entitled to a minimum of 150 URP tokens and a maximum of 10,000 URP tokens. An announcement will be made shortly regarding the outcome of the lottery to determine the prizes of each successful participant.


We found some really good pieces of articles and videos explaining or reviewing Universal Reward Protocol. We’d like to thank again each participant of our PoC bounty, it’s a honour for us to have so much attention.

Here are some reviews that really caught our attention lately :

Product and technical updates

We are very proud to announce our partnership with ConsenSys as technical advisor. ConsenSys, which is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and various developer and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems (primarily focused on Ethereum), will advise Universal Reward Protocol regarding the design and architecture of our blockchain-based protocol.

In collaboration with ConsenSys, we wrote a Technical White Paper explaining the artchitecture of the protocol. This paper will detail some technical points such as scalability to handle millions of daily transactions, how volatility will be managed to mitigate the risk of stakeholders, the security and privacy guarantees for shoppers willing to share their data with retailers and brands.

After releasing the first mockups of the UX/UI of the shopper app, the design team focused on the Retailer Interface that retailers and brands will use every day to create rewarding campaigns and tailor-made redemptions offers.

The Retailer Interface will include the following :

  • The retailer dashboard showing active campaigns, active offers and some statistics to measure the performance of the campaigns.
  • A campaign manager to create new campaigns
  • An offer manager to create new redemption offers
  • A dashboard for the wallet transactions
  • An FAQ and support center to help new actors of the network to get started with Universal Reward Protocol.

Here are a few snapshots of what it will look like :

General dashboard for retailers and brands
Form to create a new campaign in the Campaign Manager

Last but not least, we released our first video of URP in Real Life which explain how you can be rewarded for simply visiting a store with Universal Reward Protocol. We’ll release some other episodes showing different use cases of Universal Reward Protocol over the next few weeks.


After going to Amsterdam, London, Zug, Paris and Berlin, we are going to Asia for the first time in our tour. We’ll be at Consensus in Singapore in September, we’ll announce more details on our venue soon but you can expect us in Asia !

Universal Reward Protocol team will also attend the World Blockchain Summit (3–5 September) and Blockchain Live 2018 in London (26th September)

We’ll communicate soon on the organization of Blockchain in Paris #2 and in the meantime you can enjoy the video of the first edition of Blockchain in Paris which gathered more than 300 people in the heart of Paris.


We are delighted to share with our community that Coinsilium, a London-based startup-accelerator which finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology startups, has added Universal Reward Protocol to its advisory clients’ list and will provide guidance and blockchain expertise over our forthcoming token sale.

Coinsilium shares are quoted on NEX Exchange in London and they have companies such as FANTOM, ICON and DETHER in their advisory portfolio. Coinsilium has a prominent name in the blockchain space and it’s an honour for Universal Reward Protocol to have been picked.

Team Update

Welcome Nicolas !

We are happy to announce the arrival of Nicolas Hardy in our team of developers as Tech Lead. Nicolas worked at Smile (Open Source Solutions) as Tech Lead for prestigious clients such as Total, Danone and Société Générale. His skills will strengthen our technological department and hasten the construction of our blockchain-based protocol.

Our team of advisors saw a new arrival with Eddy Travia, the CEO & Co-founder of Coinsilium.

Eddy Travia is a pioneer investor in blockchain technology startups and the CEO of Coinsilium, a London-based blockchain venture builder and investor that finances and manages the development of early-stage blockchain technology companies. Coinsilium shares are quoted on NEX Exchange in London.

Eddy has led early-stage investments in 17 blockchain companies around the world, including Factom, RSK, SatoshiPay, Minebox, CoinDash and Indorse.

An early believer in the impact of blockchain technologies, Eddy delivers keynote speeches around the world, advises corporates and financial regulators, and also helps blockchain entrepreneurs to fund and grow their ventures. He will definitvely be of great help to Universal Reward Protocol to better tackle blockchain related subjects and keep improving our product.

Universal Reward Protocol in the Press

Universal Reward Protocol was recently featured in the following media:

Cheers !