CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol partner up to bring mass adoption to blockchain technology
admin admin | December 21, 2018

Press release — 21st December 2018

We are delighted to announce that CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol are forming a partnership to boost the adoption of blockchain technology. The main focus of this partnership is to increase the value of data sharing while ensuring users’ privacy. The two companies will especially cooperate on the field of IoT data integration and sharing.

CPChain is focused on multiparty data transactions and artificial intelligence decision applications based on big data analysis. By establishing multi-party trust and realizing the interconnection of heterogeneous data, it solves the typical problem in traditional IoT industry.

The mission of CPChain is to fully develop and optimize CPChain’s core technology and seek cooperation with partners to fulfill industrial landing. Universal Reward Protocol put in place a rewarding system which enables shoppers all around the world to monetize their data sharing through an easy-to-use application soon to be released.

This has led to a strong partnership between CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol, with the same vision of empowering data sharing through the use of blockchain technology. Together CPChain and URP will promote the usage of blockchain technology in the field of IoT data marketplaces.

Dr. Long Chengnian, CEO of CPChain, speaks highly of Universal Reward Protocol : “We were very impressed when Yves showcased URP’s product prototype. They definitely have a deep understanding of their rewarding system at both the technical and commercial levels. We believe that there is a lot of space for cooperation between our two companies in the future, may it be on the Internet of Things level or on our use of blockchain technology”.

« We are very happy to partner with CPChain, an established company in the blockchain space. We share the same vision regarding the privacy of data and I hope we’ll achieve it together to build a great product for shoppers around the world. » added Yves Benchimol, CEO of Universal Reward Protocol.

Notes to editor

About CPChain

CPChain is a new distributed infrastructure for next generation IoT. CPChain intends to build a fundamental data platform for IoT systems in combination with distributed storage, encryption computation and blockchain technologies, providing the whole process solution from data acquisition, storage, sharing to application.

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About Universal Reward Protocol

Universal Reward Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol where retailers can reward shoppers for multiple behaviours like simply visiting the store. By accepting to share their shopping data with the network, a shopper earns reward tokens, while the data is used by retailers to build redemption offers that best suit each customer’s needs. Shoppers can then redeem their tokens through these exclusive and personalized offers.

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