# February Update # WeWard
admin admin | March 4, 2019

February was the makeover month for us. Thanks to our community, we rebranded our product to make it accessible to millions of people and foster a quick adoption of our product. Here is the new logo of our product which will define our identity. Universal Reward Protocol is officially branded WeWard.

WeWard’s logo

The technology created by Universal Reward Protocol enabled the creation of WeWard, which is a blockchain protocol that will reward users for two different actions: walking and going to some designated points of sale. Thus this logo that combines a location point you could find on a map with a W-shape.

WeWard uses all the technology leveraged by URP, it is a free mobile application that rewards its users in a digital money (Wards) every time they take a step in the street or visit specific geographical points indicated on the map (point of sale, event, restaurant…). These Wards can be used inside a dedicated marketplace to receive offers, coupons, product or even cash.

We believe that, with WeWard, we can hasten the adoption of blockchain technology by making it accessible to millions of walkers around the world.

Bringing adoption of the blockchain technology still remains one of our main objectives. We strongly believe WeWard will be one of the applications that will show a concrete use case of blockchain in the daily life that will add value for three types of actors : retailers, brands and walkers. Retailers and brands will have a new way to generate incremental visits to their points of sale by directly rewarding consumers. All of this doesn’t require any knowledge of the blockchain technology. All the benefits and no complexity are our primary concern at WeWard.

You’ll find below a community update, a technical and product update and eventually all media appearances of WeWard.

As always, if you want to learn more about WeWard or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community Update

1)Walking on WeWard

WeWard will enable to set your fitness and wellness goals and achieve it while monetizing the whole thing. Thanks to WeWard you can :

  • Track and accurately analyze your daily physical activity.
  • Set clear wellness goals and receive valuable tips from experts.
  • Collect rewards faster by walking to special locations.
  • Be incentivized and compensated for your efforts while having access to offers and privileged rewards.

2)Blockchain Adoption

In our last communications, we outlined that blockchain is about shaping a new paradigm through a wide-spread industralization of trust. And to achieve that we need applications built on top of the blockchain infrastructures available today.

That’s why we launched a collective called Blockchain Adoption with the aim to gather Blockchain Providers and Blockchain Seekers. We are beginning to have some traction with this new organization.

Again, if you are interested in joining this collective either as a Blockchain Provider or a Blockchain Seeker, you can contact us at

Technical and Product Update

After the release of our product demo to the grand public, we had a lot of community members testing it and giving us their feedbacks on it. We are very grateful for your returns which confirmed us that we were working in the right direction with the intent to release the final version of the application very soon.

All your feedbacks gave birth to WeWard in its final form because we believe that walking deserves to be rewarded.

Here are the first snasphots of WeWard, the release is expected to happen in April, on both iOS and Android. If you are in France and want to be amongst the first to test the application once it is released, subscribe to WeWard’s newsletter on the website.

On the two screens below, you can see on the left the home screen that counts your number of steps throughout the day and converts it into Wards that you can use by going on the right screen to redeem you Wards on personnalized offers.

Once you’ve chosen the article you want to purchase with the reward earned from your steps, below is what it will look like.

Once again, if you want to be amongst the first to test the application once it is released, subscribe to WeWard’s newsletter on the website.

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