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admin admin | February 1, 2019

First, we would like to wish a happy and great new year to everyone. 2018 was a great year for the development of our solution. January was for us a month of excitement as we released the demo of Universal Reward Protocol to the grand public during the CES while reflecting on 2018 and planning 2019.

As you may know by now the shopper application in Universal Reward Protocol network will be called Weward. We released the demo version to the public in January and we hope to release the final version of our application in the next couple of months and we will be right on track according to our schedule. We believe that, with Weward, we can hasten the adoption of blockchain technology by making it accessible to millions of shoppers around the world.

Bringing adoption of the blockchain technology remains one of our main objectives. We strongly believe URP will be one of the applications that will show a concrete use case of blockchain in the daily life that will add value for three types of actors : retailers, brands and shoppers. Retailers and brands will have a new kind of relationship with their shoppers, gaining customers insights directly at the root which is the shopper. In return, shoppers will be rewarded for their engagement while retailers and brands will cut their acquisition and retention costs. All of this doesn’t require any knowledge of the blockchain technology. All the benefits and no complexity are our primary concern at URP.

You’ll find below a Community update, the events we recently participated in, a partnership update, an ICO status update and eventually the last piece of articles covering Universal Reward Protocol taking on the way Marketing is being considered.

As always, if you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community Update

We hope 2019 will be a great year for the concrete applications of blockchain and we are tirelessly working towards the application of this technology.

1)Blockchain Adoption

In our last communications, we outlined that blockchain is about shaping a new paradigm through a wide-spread industralization of trust. And to achieve that we need applications built on top of the blockchain infrastructures available today.

That’s why we launched a collective called Blockchain Adoption with the aim to gather Blockchain Providers and Blockchain Seekers. We are beginning to have some traction with this new organization.

Again, if you are interested in joining this collective either as a Blockchain Provider or a Blockchain Seeker, you can contact us at


Here are the edited basics of Universal Reward Protocol materials with the versions in Korean, Chinese, English and Russian :

White Paper:

One Pager Token Metrics:

Technical and Product Update

After the release of our product demo to the grand public, we had a lot of community members testing it and giving us their feedbacks on it. We are very grateful for your returns which confirmed us that we were working in the right direction with the intent to release the final version of the application in the next couple of months. We’ll keep you posted shortly about an official launch date.

The demo of Universal Reward Protocol is still available to anyone who wants to test it and experience a new kind of interaction with their favourite retailers and brands (both Weward , the shopper application, and the retailer interface). We’ll be very grateful to have your feedback once you tested it.

Here is the link to the demo :

We recommend to use Chrome to test it. When you are on the landing page, you just have to sign up to create an account on the demo. On your first connection to the platform, the loading period is about 30 seconds to connect you to our sidechain when you initiate your first session opening.

You’ll then have access to both the retailer and the shopper interfaces demo, let it guide you and enjoy the ride!


We are very pleased to announce that we are being supported by Decathlon Hong Kong. A new brand has decided to test Universal Reward Protocol solution at its release: Decathlon Hong Kong. After our tour in China, they confirmed to us their intent to use and test our solution to reward any kind of shopping behaviour. They precisely intend to use Universal Reward Protocol’s application, Weward, to reward shoppers for being member of their Members Program. We believe the use of URP will increase Decathlon Hong Kong’s consumer database, generate traffic in-store and online, and improve awareness of the products and services Decathlon Hong Kong provides.

« This support of Decathlon Hong Kong confirms our belief that Universal Reward Protocol can be a concrete application of blockchain that will reach millions of shoppers. We are very excited to launch our first private pilots with such a famous brand in the world » stated Yves Benchimol, CEO of URP.

On the road

Universal Reward Protocol team at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2019 in Las Vegas

January was also a great month for our roadshow as we went to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the biggest tech show of the year, after being selected among thousands of start-ups that applied to participate in this well-know and recognised event. This was a great opportunity for Universal Reward Protocol to showcase the demo of the product and test the first reactions to it.

The CES of 2019 was a great platform to showcase the advancement of blockchain technology as other solutions using this technology were present to demonstrate their state of progress and we returned with even stronger convictions towards the quick adoption of blockchain applications such as the one we are developping right now at Universal Reward Protocol, Weward.

ICO Status Update

Like we already announced last month after discussing with top-tier VCs in the crypto space, we’ve decided to change our fund-raising strategy. As you probably know, the crypto market is very depressed, which forces us to postpone the ICO. The conception of our product is going great as we are starting to put in place the first pilots with our brand partners.

As a reminder, we decided to change the hard cap to 5M€ and the soft cap to 1M€. The new end date for the ICO will be June 30th 2019, the price of the token is now 0.025€.

For bounty winners, you’ll be of course entitled to the same amount of URP tokens worth in €. For example if you initially won 25 tokens, you’ll eventually receive 100 URP tokens with this change in token metrics.

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