# July Update # — Universal Reward Protocol
admin admin | July 25, 2018

The beginning of the summer was very busy for our team, working on the technical aspects of Universal Reward Protocol to design the architecture of the protocol and both the retailer web interface and the shopper application.

You can find a summary of the events we participated in, community updates, product and technical updates and finally team updates.

If you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

On the road

After a busy month of May exposing Universal Reward Protocol at the Retail Business Technology Expo in London and at Viva Technology in Paris, the business team went on the road again in June to exhibit at the BAIConf in London. Our European roadshow resumed in Amsterdam at the Blockchain Expo Event with thousands of attendees.

URP CTO Louis Millon holding a keynote in Amsterdam

Universal Reward Protocol also attended the Tech Crunch Sessions in Zug in July, meeting the brightest minds of the blockchain realm.

Louis Millon and Yves Benchimol with Karl Floersch , Core Ethereum Developer

To end this month of July, URP CTO Louis Millon attended DappCon in Berlin.

Community Updates

Our community has been growing exponentially during the last few weeks and we would like to thank you all for your outstanding support and belief in Universal Reward Protocol.

1)Bounty Quiz

Regarding the quiz bounty, we examined a first batch of over 8,000 entries and we are delighted to announce that there were 2876 winners with a score superior to 61%. Due to the difficulty of the quiz, we decided to lower the minimum passing grade to 61% as we feel really honoured that so many people took some of their precious time to learn about Universal Reward Protocol.


We received a lot of submissions for our Proof-of-Caring program. First, we would like to thank every individual who wrote an article about us, made a video, twitted,… This support consolidates our motivation to shape a new era of Marketing. We didn’t review all the submissions yet but we stumbled upon some that really caught our attention :

3)Blockchain in Paris

On July 17th 2018, Universal Reward Protocol hosted its first edition of Blockchain in Paris.

More than 300 people were there in the heart of Paris to hear our 13 famous speakers (Consensys, Baker Mckenzie, Coinsilium, …) present for three roundtables during which the overall marketcap of cryptoasset plummeted by 10%.

Blockchain in Paris #1

Here is the main takeaway of Blockchain in Paris : France is ready to become one of the places to be for blockchain companies. During three roundtables, entrepreneurs/investors/laywers/influencers gave us precious insights about what is going on into the high spheres of the cryptospace related to three different subjects.

Product and technical updates

We are planning to release a Technical Whitepaper in the following weeks. This paper will detail how Universal Reward Protocol intends to solve scalability and transaction cost issue, using a fully-pegged sidechain bridged to the Ethereum mainnet. Indeed our protocol will handle milions of transactions a day and we need a sufficient scability to deal with those requests. All those technical solutions will be explained in our paper.

We’ve also been working on the Shopper App for the last few weeks. The Shopper App is the interface shoppers will use every day. It will include :

  • A search and browse function to check what campaigns are available for the shoppers
  • A history tab to check all the previous fulfilled campaigns
  • The outstanding balance in URP tokens
  • Privacy settings where the shopper can see his previous opt-ins and change his preferences

Here are a few snapshots of the UX/UI design:

Interface to browse the Rewarding Campaigns
Example of a specific Rewarding Campaign

Team Updates

Welcome Rémi !

We are happy to announce the arrival of Rémi Gazquez in our team of developers. Rémi is a backend engineer who did a Master of Advanced Cryptography and Biometry. He worked previously at UTB and at Numberly. Welcome again Rémi!

Welcome Samuel !

Our team of advisors also saw a new arrival with Samuel Baroukh, Head of eBusiness of Nestlé France. He has an extensive knowledge about the retail industry. After spending three years at Procter & Gamble, he joined Nestlé and was appointed to pilot Nestle France digital transformation across all brands portfolio only eight years after his arrival. Samuel will bring his knowledge of brands to the table and collaborate closely with Universal Reward Protocol as advisor. He’ll play a major role in the understanding of consumers’ & brands’ needs. Welcome in the team Samuel !

Universal Reward Protocol in the Press

Universal Reward Protocol was recently featured in the following papers:

Cheers !