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admin admin | December 12, 2018

November was a great month for Universal Reward Protocol. Our product went through the first private and security crash tests. It was also the month for advancing on the first pilots on Universal Reward Protocol with Chinese brands with the team’s trip to China.

Bringing adoption of the blockchain technology remains one of our mains objectives. We strongly believe URP will be one of the applications that will show a concrete use case of blockchain in the daily life that will add value for three types of actors : retailers, brands and shoppers. Retailers and brands will have a new kind of relationship with their shoppers, gaining customers insights directly at the root which is the shopper. In return, shoppers will be rewarded for their engagement while retailers and brands will cut their acquisition and retention costs. All of this doesn’t require any knowledge of the blockchain technology. All the benefits and no complexity are our primary concern at URP.

An update on the status of the ICO will be made shortly since market conditions are not optimal to launch a fundraising. The demand for concrete blockchain applications that could be used in the daily life is rapidly increasing in the cryptospace and we are confident regarding the future adoption of Universal Reward Protocol, especially after the first returns we had from our future partners in China.

You’ll find below a Community update, a Technical and Product overview, the events we recently participated in and the ones where you’re about to soon find us at and eventually the last piece of articles covering Universal Reward Protocol taking on the way Marketing is being considered.

As always, if you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community Updates

November saw another round of exciting games of the URP Brands Challenge. Thanks a lot to our community who showcased some great creativity, especially regarding the name of the Shopper Application.

1)URP Brands Challenge

The month of November has seen challenges achieved by the community and the best Shopper Application name created by community members.

Our community amazed us with some great Proof-of-Behavior (PoB), meaning the proof you had the required behavior for winning the challenges in this case. We hope it helped you to understand this new concept we developed at URP to certify behaviors completed by shoppers to be rewarded by retailers and brands.

More than 15,000 URP tokens were won over those two games. Congratulations again to the winners and all those who took their shot and participated in the challenges !


Here are the basics of Universal Reward Protocol materials with the versions in Korean, Chinese and Russian :

White Paper:

One Pager Token Metrics:

3)Blockchain Adoption

In our last article and update, we outlined that blockchain is about shaping a new paradigm through a wide-spread industralization of trust. And to achieve that we need applications builts on top of the blockchain infrastructures available today.

That’s why we launched a collective called Blockchain Adoption with the aim to gather Blockchain Providers and Blockchain Seekers. We are beginning to have some traction with this new organization and. Again, if you are interested in joining this collective either as a Blockchain Provider or a Blockchain Seeker, you can contact us at

Technical and Product Update

The demo of Universal Reward Protocol is ready to host the first private pilots on our testnet using our sidechain able to handle millions of transactions per day.

As a reminder, there are two sides in our product : the retailer interface and the shopper application. The retailer interfaces enables retailers and brands to create rewarding campaigns as the shopper application shows all the campaigns available to a given shopper and his transactions history.

Here are a few snapshots of the demo we gave to our strategic collaborators. Again, don’t hesitate to contact the team and give your feedback and thoughts on this first version of our product. The first real life tests will be launched soon.

You can also watch or rewatch the videos of URP in real life to get a better idea of how you will be able to use Universal Reward Protocol for concrete use cases in your shopping experience.

URP in Real Life :

On the road

November was the month of the beginning of the team’s trip to China. We visited Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing. We were selected to be part of a special delegation of the best french startups to meet with big corporate actors of the Chinese market. The first reactions to our product were great and some of the biggest chineses retailers and brands are eager to test the solution on their domestic market. Rewarding is everywhere in the Chinese market and Universal Reward Protocol could bring a new kind of rewarding.

Visiting Belle, number one shoe retailer in China
Meeting with the giant Tencent
Pitch session by our CTO Louis Millon

We also released the video of the second edition of Blockchain in Paris. BIP 2 was more than 200 attendees with amazing speakers such as Pascal Gauthier, co-founder of Ledger and French Deputy Laure de La Raudière. The third edition of Blockchain in Paris will be held in January. Stay tuned for the program and other information.

Blockchain in Paris 2 on the rooftops of Paris

URP in the Press