# October Update # Universal Reward Protocol
admin admin | November 2, 2018

October was the month of development and refinements for Universal Reward Protocol and we are proud to announce that our demo is ready and has already been shown to our strategic collaborators. We are eager to show it to our community and then release a beta of the product to enable millions of shoppers to reshape their relationships with their favourite brands and retailers.

We strongly believe URP will be one of the applications that will show a concrete use case of blockchain in the daily life that will add value for three types of actors : retailers, brands and shoppers. Retailers and brands will have a new kind of relationship with their shoppers, gaining customers insights directly at the root which is the shopper. In return, shoppers will be rewarded for their engagement while retailers and brands will cut their acquisiton and retention costs.

We firmly believe mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will only happen through the delivery of compelling use cases to users, and are designing Universal Reward Protocol to be just that. We think URP can become one of the main vectors through which the general public will come to use blockchain in their everyday life, without even thinking about it or knowing anything about the technology.

An update on the dates of the ICO will be made shortly since market conditions are not optimal. The demand for concrete blockchain applications that could be used in the daily life is rapidly increasing in the cryptospace and we are confident regarding the future adoption of Universal Reward Protocol.

You’ll find below a Community update, a Technical and Product overview, the events we recently participated in and the ones where you’re about to soon find us at and eventually the last piece of articles covering Universal Reward Protocol taking on the way Marketing is being considered.

As always, if you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community Updates

October was a busy month for the URP Brands Challenge with a lot of frenzied games and the launch of our referral program. We also released the korean and russian versions of our documents.

1)URP Brands Challenge

The month of October has seen a treasure hunt, the “In Love my brand” photo contest and the best slogan made by community members.

Credits to Igal for its picture representing PUMA.

The treasure hunt has also been very intense. We’d like to congratulate once again all those who find some gems hidden in Universal Reward Protocol materials and got rewarded with URP tokens !

More than 30,000 URP tokens were won over those three games.

2)Referral program and latecomers subscription

You can still refer other people even if they are not in the URP community, yet. It’s easy, if you get people to sign up for the URP Brands Challenge you’ll earn in bonus the same amount of URP tokens they’ve won over all the games they’ve participated in. For instance, if your referree wins 3000 URP tokens over the next weeks, you’ll get a bonus of 3000 URP tokens !Oh and the best part, you can refer an unlimited number of friends ! Your referrees just have to type in your telegram id.

For the latecomers who want to participate in the next games here is the form to fill.


Here are the basics of Universal Reward Protocol materials with the versions in Korean and Russian :

White Paper:

One Pager Token Metrics:

4)Blockchain Adoption

In our last article, we outlined that blockchain is about shaping a new paradigm through a wide-spread industralization of trust. And to achieve that we need applications builts on top of the blockchain infrastructures available today.

That’s why we are launching a collective called Blockchain Adoption with the aim to gather Blockchain Providers, meaning companies with concrete applications of blockchain in the daily life, and Blockchain Seekers which are already installed companies wanting to add blockchain in their value chain to improve their products/services. If you are interested in joining this collective either as a Blockchain Provider or a Blockchain Seeker, you can contact us at

Technical and Product Update

The product of Universal Reward Protocol is almost ready for the launch of the first pilots.

As a reminder, there are two sides in our product : the retailer interface and the shopper application. The retailer interfaces enables retailers and brands to create rewarding campaigns as the shopper application shows all the campaigns available to a given shopper and his transactions history.

Here are a few snapshots of the demo we gave to our strategic collaborators. Don’t hesitate to contact the team and give your feedback and thoughts on this first version of our product.

We also released the last episode of our series URP in Real Life detailling concrete daily use cases of Universal Reward Protocol. This video gives a true insight on how blockchain can improve the daily life of shoppers around the world. If you haven’t seen it yet or if you’d like to watch it again, here it is.

On the road

October has been the month of Europe before November which will be the month of Asia with a trip to China to discuss the implementation of the first pilots in China with Chinese brands and retailers. We were selected to be part of a special delegation of the best french startups to meet with big corporate actors of the Chinese market.

But speaking of October, we were at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona and at the Crypto Summit in Zurich. We were also at the Blockchain Day and at BPI Inno Generation in Paris. Our last event of October was DevCon 4 in Prague.

Yves Benchimol speaking at the Blockchain Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

October was also the month of Blockchain in Paris 2 organized by Universal Reward Protocol team in order to discuss concrete applications of blockchain in daily life with speakers from well-known blockchain companies such as Ledger and big companies such as PwC and Nestle. More than 250 people attended the conference which gave also gave true insights about how things are moving in the political space regarding blockchain thanks to the final keynote of French Deputy Laure de La Raudière.

Blockchain in Paris 2 on the rooftops of Paris

URP in the Press