# September Update # Universal Reward Protocol
admin admin | October 3, 2018

September has always been the more thrilling month of the year because it’s the month of releases, new products and new ideas. Well it is for us at Universal Reward Protocol. September has been the month of our Technical White Paper release and of the beginning of the URP Brands Challenge.

Universal Reward Protocol has been drawing the attention of some retailers and brands for the launch of our first pilots as the MVP will be available before the public token sale. September was also the begining of our pre-sale. To get an allocation, please drop us a line at

You’ll find below a Community update, a Technical overview, a Team update, the events we recently participated in and the ones where you’re about to soon find us at and eventually the last piece of articles covering Universal Reward Protocol taking on the way Marketing is being considered.

As always, if you want to learn more about Universal Reward Protocol or discuss with our team, you can join us on our social media :

Community Updates

September was the month of the end of our two first bounties, the quiz and the Proof-of-Caring. But also the month of the random drawing for the quiz and the beginning of the URP Brands Challenge

1)End of the Quiz Bounty and Proof-of-Caring

1,200,000 URP tokens are already earned thanks to the Quiz Bounty. We had some great feedbacks and ideas on the open-ended question and it is really important for us to take into considerations your opinion when building our product since you’ll be the ones using it very soon.

Each member of Universal Reward Protocol Team has seen at least some dozens of the submissions, may it be articles or videos, and we are all thankful for all the submissions we received in the last few months. Some of it were way above our initial expectations. Our community is our motivation to work harder to meet the expectations of the shoppers that you represent.

2)Universal Reward Protocol Brands Challenge

We thought it was now our turn to surprise our community so we designed the URP Brands Challenge. Over the next few weeks, Universal Reward Protocol will conduct a series of games in which you will be rewarded with URP tokens. The first two games have already taken place while the rhythm will be of one game a week. If you didn’t susbscribe to our Telegram Channel yet, now is the time to do so to be updated about the rules and timing of the URP Brands Challenge.

To participate in the URP Brands Challenge, you have to fill in this form :

You can start to play at any time even if some games have already been held.

At the end of the URP Brands Challenge, the three players who have gathered the most URP tokens will get a bonus of 50% on all the URP tokens they won. The tokens will be distributed after the main token sale.

3)Referral program for the URP Brands Challenge

You can now refer other people even if they are not in the URP community, yet. Then it’s easy, if you get people to sign up for the URP Brands Challenge you’ll earn in bonus the same amount of URP tokens they’ve won over all the games they’ve participated in. For instance, if your referree wins 3000 URP tokens over the next weeks, you’ll get a bonus of 3000 URP tokens ! Oh and the best part, you can refer an unlimited number of friends !

Technical and product Updates

Universal Reward Protocol has just released its Technical White Paper, written with input from ConsenSys. The paper focuses on the blockchain components of the URP protocol, and how it intends to leverage the current state of the technology to build the product, detailing the use of a sidechain pegged to the Ethereum mainnet. The paper outlines the technical solutions envisioned to make the protocol scalable to millions of daily transactions, to back the URP tokens with an array of redeemable offers, and to protect the privacy of consumers.

This paper also details the life cycle of URP tokens to better understand to give a more comprehensive explanation of the architecture of the protocol

We also released the second edition of URP in Real Life, our series of videos detailing concrete use cases of Universal Reward Protocol. This second video focuses especially on the redemption side of our blockchain-based protocol
We’ll release the last episode in October.

Hit the road Jack

September was busy for Universal Reward Protocol attending the World Blockchain Summit (London), Blockchain Live 2018 (London), Paris Retail Week, the Retail Tech Forum organized by LSA, and Consensus in Singapore.

URP booth at Blockchain Live in London
URP booth at Paris Retail Week

We are also proud to announce that October will be the month of Blockchain in Paris #2. More than 300 people were there in the heart of Paris in the middle of July for Blockchain in Paris #1 during which the overall marketcap of cryptoasset plummeted by 10%. We decided to hold the second edition of the event on the 23th of October. Some more information on the location and the speakers will be available soon.

You can also find us in Barcelona at the IOT World Congress, at the Crypto Economy World 2018 and at Blockchain Solutions World, all happening on 16th–18th October.

Team updates

We are also very glad to welcome Ken Timsit in our team of advisors. Previously partner at Boston Consulting Group, Ken is currently the Managing Director of ConsenSys France, a blockchain venture production studio. Ken will act as a technical advisor to Universal Reward Protocol and help us on the design and architecture of our blockchain-based protocol.

Ken Timsit, Managing Director of ConsenSys France stated “We are pleased to be working as technical advisor to the Universal Reward Protocol team, and excited by the possibilities offered by the use of a hybrid main chain / side chain design to achieve application scalability in real life. Members of the ConsenSys Paris team will advise the URP development team in the coming months, in order to optimize this innovative blockchain application design.

URP in the press and the cryptospace

Universal Reward Protocol was recently featured in the following media:

You can also find some AMAs of URP CEO Yves Benchimol and URP CTO Louis Millon: