Universal Reward Protocol releases its Light Paper
admin admin | May 16, 2018
Universal Reward Protocol is proud to announce the release of its Light Paper

Universal Reward Protocol aims at reshaping the way marketing works. Retailers are having a hard time understanding their shoppers’ needs and interacting with them in a personalized and relevant manner. On the other hand, shoppers want to have access to the best deals matching their needs while keeping full control over their data.

That’s why we are building Universal Reward Protocol, a blockchain-based protocol where retailers reward shoppers for interacting with them and sharing their behavioral data.

Main takeaways about the technology components

1)The Campaign manager unleashes retailers’ potential for personalized marketing. Retailers will design Reward Campaigns to incentivize shoppers to share data as well as Redemption Campaigns for shoppers to gain access to tailor-made offers. Flexible enough for retailers to pinpoint shoppers’ preferences yet scalable enough to be deployed rapidly and efficiently.

Retailer interface

(more details on page 7)

2)The URP App is the interface shoppers will use every day. It will include

  • A search and browse function to check what campaigns are available for the shoppers
  • A history tab to check all the previous fulfilled campaigns
  • The outstanding balance in URP tokens
  • Privacy settings where the shopper can see his previous opt-ins and change his preferences
Shopper Mobile Interface

(more details on page 8)

3)dApps produce Proof-of-Behavior to certify that shoppers fulfilled the conditions of each Reward Campaign they decided to participate in. Any dApp capable of certifying a certain type of shopping behavior can implement Universal Reward Protocol. (more details on page 9)

4)The Occi dApp will be the first decentralized application to be ported on the protocol. Occi monitors in-store shopper activity using IoT sensors and is able to retrace a customer’s in-store path. (more details on page 10)

5)Universal Reward Protocol ecosystem is powered by the URP token. The token is used by retailers to reward any shopper behavior they deem relevant. Shoppers then redeem these tokens through tailor-made redemption offers made by retailers based on the collected data.

(more details on page 11)

You can read the Light Paper for more information.

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