Universal Reward Protocol releases its White Paper
admin admin | June 6, 2018
The White Paper of Universal Reward Protocol is released

It would not come as a surprise to members of our community to read about the groundlines of Universal Reward Protocol for the umpteenth time. Physical retailers have a hard time interacting with their shoppers? They know. Behavioral data analysis is key to personalized marketing? They know. URP lets shoppers decide what data they are willing to share with retailers and brands? They know.

For the first time you can dive into the details of the technical infrastructure of Universal Reward Protocol in the White Paper (more details on page 18)

What our community has been asking about, however, are some more complex aspects of our vision. We are proud to release our White Paper today and have addressed a couple of recurring questions below:

What is the difference between Universal Reward Protocol and a loyalty program ?

Universal Reward Protocol is not a loyalty program. URP’s ambition is to become the common decentralized infrastructure for rewarding all interactions between shoppers and retailers or brands. Generally speaking, loyalty programs only focuses on purchases to retain existing customers. URP has a broader reach as it can reward any type of shopping behavior, online and offline. (more details here)

What does “Proof-of-Behavior” mean ?

For each Reward Campaign targeting a specific behavior, a dApp transforms the campaign/contract conditions into a data trigger, and tries to produce a data point that activates this trigger, which means the data point verifies the conditions required by the contract to release the reward tokens. Such a data point is called a “Proof-of-Behavior”.

What are the next steps for Universal Reward Protocol ?

We are thrilled to get started with this intense ride alongside our growing community. A bounty program will be released shortly, stay tuned. In the meantime, you can get familiar with our project by reading the White Paper as this will be important for the bounty.

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