AscendEX Referral Codes – Updated 2022

AscendEX is a trading platform that enables you to trade cryptocurrency. You can use an AscendEX invitation code to get a commission from signing up friends! What is even more exciting about this company is they have a mobile app that lets you trade anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Use Our AscendEX Referral Code And Receive Your Discount After Sign Up

If you sign up to AscendEX using our invitation code, you can enjoy a discount on your trading fees. Without an invitation code, AscendEx users pay a 0.25% fee on all trades. However, with our referral code, you can pay a reduced rate of only 0.20% – this is your referral reward.

How To Use AscendEX Referral Code

To use our AscendEX invitation code, first sign up for an account on the AscendEX website. Once you have registered, click on the “My Account” tab and select the “Discounts” tab. Next, enter your invitation code in the “Enter A Promo Code” box. Ensure that you enter the correct code, as referral codes are case-sensitive.

Once you have entered your AscendEX invitation code, click on the “Apply” button. You will then see the discount applied to your account.

The best way to earn rewards on AscendEX is by referring friends to join.

If you refer a friend and they trade $500 or more, AscendEX will reward both of you with 10% of the trading fee as commission.

To refer a friend, simply share your personal referral link with them. You can find your referral link by clicking on the “My Account” tab and selecting the “Referral Program” tab.

How Does The AscendEX Referral Program Work?

There are two types of referral programs – cash and margin trading and futures trading.

AscendEX referral program for cash & margin trading

The first of the referral programs is the Cash & Margin Trading referral program. This program is for users who want to refer friends to trade cryptocurrency on the AscendEX platform.

Cash and margin trading is a great way for beginners to start trading cryptocurrency. It is also a good option for experienced traders who want access to features not available on other exchanges.

10% of the total trading fee will be given to users as referral rewards paid by whoever they refer, as long as they register through the personal referral link and complete cash/margin trading (valid for 365 days). This doesn’t apply to previously referred accounts.

AscendEX futures referral program

The AscendEX futures referral program is for users who want to refer friends to trade cryptocurrency on the AscendEX futures platform. The futures referral program pays out more lucrative rewards.

This is because trading crypto in futures is riskier than spot trading cryptocurrency. Futures trading is for advanced cryptocurrency traders with a lot of experience. Be careful when leveraging trading futures, as you can lose more money than you have invested.

The commission for futures referrals varies from 25-40%, depending on the trade volume.

AscendEX Referral Commission Structure

You can earn rewards for referring friends to the AscendEX exchange.

For the first year, you will earn commissions from each person you refer. The percentage of total trading fees paid by platform users you refer to as AscendEX will depend on how much trading they do in the first year. This ranges from 25-40%, but your referrals will have to trade $100,000,000 to reach the top tier!

More About AscendEX

AscendEX is a digital asset trading platform that offers investors an easy way to trade digital currencies. The company was founded in 2017 by a team of industry veterans.

Trading fees

AscendEX charges a flat trading fee of 0.20% for all trades. This fee is lower than the fees charged by most other crypto exchange platforms.

Trading Types

Spot, margins, and futures are the three main types of cryptocurrency trading AscendEX offers.

Spot Trading

Spot trading is the simplest type of cryptocurrency trading. It is when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the same day. There is no need to borrow money or take any other financial risks.

Margin Trading

Margin trading involves buying crypto with money borrowed from an exchange, referred to as leverage.

Futures Trading

Futures trading involves selling cryptocurrencies that you do not own yet, in the hope that you can buy them back at a lower price and make a profit. Futures contracts are agreements to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at a specific price and date in the future.

Order types

With your AscendEX account, you can make stop limit and stop market orders.

Which coins can you trade?

AscendEX offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to trade. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others.

Security measures

AscendEX takes the security of its platform and user information very seriously. The company has put in place a number of measures to protect users’ cryptocurrencies and their personal data.

The platform uses SSL encryption, email verification for withdrawals, and two-factor authentication.

Payment methods

AscendEX accepts various payment methods, including credit and debit cards and bank transfers.

Supported countries

AscendEX is available to users from all over the world where crypto trading is permitted. You can also generate your AscendEX invitation code from any supported country.

Final Thoughts

AscendEX is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers investors an easy way to trade digital currencies and gives users a chance to benefit and earn commission through their generous referral scheme. Using your AscendEX invitation code and claiming your referral reward couldn’t be easier.


Is AscendEX a good trading platform?

AscendEX is a good cryptocurrency trading platform and very easy to use. It has low fees and offers users the chance to trade many different coins.

When will I receive payment for referring a friend?

You will receive payment once your referral has made their initial trade.

Is AscendEX safe to use?

AscendEX is very safe to use; they have put in place a number of measures to keep their users’ cryptocurrencies and personal information secure.

Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

There are no fees to use generate and use an invite link on the AscendEX exchange.