Celsius Referral Codes – Updated 2022

Celsius is a DeFi platform that offers users a safe place to lend, borrow and earn crypto. If you’re new to the cryptocurrency world or want to earn interest on your existing holdings, then signing up for Celsius could be a smart move.

You can get even more out of Celsius by signing up using a referral code. Today, we’re going to tell you everything there is to know about Celsius referral and promo codes while giving you some background on this leading crypto exchange. Stick around to find out more.

Use Our Celsius Referral Code For A Bitcoin Bonus

By using our referral code when you sign up to Celcius, you’ll be eligible for a massive bitcoin bonus when you deposit funds. If you keep your wallet topped up with the equivalent of $400 for 30 days, then you’ll receive $50 in Bitcoin, absolutely free.

Taking advantage of this offer is a great way to get into the crypto game and boost your holdings. One of the biggest advantages of Celsius is that users earn interest on their crypto. This means you can use your holdings to generate passive income.

How To Use Celsius Referral Codes

Using a Celsius referral code to sign up for a new account is very straightforward. Simply head over to the Celsius Network or open the mobile app and hit “Sign Up” to get started. Once you’ve inputted your name, email and password, click “Have A Referral Code?” and enter your code.

After entering your code, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen. This screen will explain what you have to do to claim your bitcoin bonus. The steps are:

  1. Complete identity verification
  2. Wait for your identity to be confirmed
  3. Deposit $400 worth of currency into your Celsius account

Holding the currency in your account for 30 days will grant you the instant $50 BTC bonus, which you’ll immediately start earning interest on.

How To Create Your Own Celsius Referral Code

Once you’ve signed up to Celsius, you can generate your very own referral code to give out to your friends. Every time a user that you referred achieves the $50 BTC bonus, you’ll receive $50 in BTC too! Joining the Celsius referral program is a quick and easy way to build some passive income.

To generate a Celsius referral code, head to your “Profile” page. From there, tap on the “Refer your friends” button to receive your referral code. Then, you can use the “Share” button or copy the code to your clipboard to send it to friends.

What’s The Difference Between Celsius Promo Codes And Referral Codes?

Using a Celsius referral code isn’t the only way to benefit when using the platform. You can also use Celsius promo codes for significant savings and other perks. These promos are primarily designed for new users who did not use a referral code when they signed up for Celsius, but there are some codes that existing users can use.

These two types of promo codes are “first-time promos” and “stackable promos.” First-time promos are the ones that are used instead of referral codes. Stackable promos can be used alongside a referral link and other promos.

The active Celsius promo codes change regularly, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new deals. We highly recommend using a Celsius promo code whenever you can to maximize your benefits.

Should You Use A Celsius Promo Code Or A Referral Code?

Since Celsius introduced promo codes to incentivize new users who didn’t sign up with a referral code, you might be wondering which code you should be using. So let’s take a closer look at Celsius referral and promo codes to help you decide which one is for you.

We already know that a Celsius referral code grants new users $50 in free Bitcoin, but what exactly will a promo code get you? Typical promo codes will give you a cryptocurrency bonus for holding funds in your account for a certain amount of time, just like a referral code.

The difference is that the size of the bonus, and the type of cryptocurrency they come in, will change between codes. Many bonuses will be granted in Bitcoin, but some will arrive as a different cryptocurrency, such as ADA.

Deciding between using a Celsius referral code or a promo code basically depends on how much money you’re willing to put up. For example, some promo codes will give you several thousand-dollar bonuses, but you’ll have to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your account for several months.

On the flip side, some promo codes require less than the $400 investment needed for the referral code bonus. If you don’t have $400 to hold in your account, then using a promo code is a great alternative to a referral code.

You should also remember that some promo codes are “stackable” and can be used alongside a referral link. These stackable options can be applied even if you’ve already claimed a Celsius referral bonus.

Promo codes are regularly updated and changed. So, for an up-to-date list of current Celsius promo codes, be sure to consult this page.

How To Use “Stackable” Promo Codes Correctly

Using stackable promo codes is a way to receive extra benefits alongside your Celsius referral bonus. However, you need to make sure you’re using your stackable codes correctly. If you don’t do this, then you won’t be able to maximize your benefits.

Specifically, you must deposit your assets in the correct order after applying promo codes for them all to work. So, if you enter “code x” and then “code y,” you must complete the deposit requirements for code x before adding funds for the code y bonus.

Most stackable codes can be applied after you’ve activated and claimed your referral bonus. However, it’s always worth checking the terms of a particular promo code to find out when you need to apply it.

More About Celsius

Celsius was established in 2017 in London. It was founded by Nuke Goldstein, S. Daniel Leon, and Alex Mashinsky. Their aim was to make traditional financial services such as credit and loans available in cryptocurrencies.

In 2018, Celsius introduced its very own crypto coin, the CEL Token, onto the platform. Users receive big bonuses for using CEL across the Celsius Network. Be sure to check out the information above to find out more about the benefits of using CEL.

Currently, Celsius’ main attractions are their lending service, their interest accounts, and their crypto send/receive service, CelPay.


One of the platform’s most significant selling points is that it offers a selection of “no-fee” services. All of the following actions do not incur any fees on Celcius:

  • Minimum Deposit
  • Withdrawal
  • Loan Origination
  • Early Termination
  • Deposit

For beginners, the lack of fees is a great benefit. Celsius is able to offer this thanks to the money they make from their borrowing and lending services. The majority of traditional crypto exchanges aren’t able to match Celsius when it comes to withdrawal and deposit fees.

That said, if you want to buy cryptocurrencies within the Celsius platform, then some transaction fees will apply. This is because Celsius has partnered with third-party companies Wyre and Coinify to add a crypto purchase function to the platform. Wyre and Coinify both charge small fees every time users make a crypto purchase.

Which cryptocurrencies are supported?

Celsius supports a limited range of cryptocurrencies. Since Celsius is not a dedicated crypto exchange, it can’t offer the same number of options as other platforms. Using Wyre or Coinify, users can purchase and deposit the following crypto coins into their accounts:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • Gemini Dollar (GUSD)
  • Dai Coin (DAI)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)
  • Paxos Standard (PAX)

Security measures

The Celsius Network is an extremely secure environment. Every element of the platform has clearly been built with security in mind with careful measures to protect users at every turn. If security is a concern for you, then the Celsius platform will quickly put your worries to rest.

Celsius has six major security certifications, operates 24/7 network monitoring, and has integrated the latest cryptographic technology into its functions.

Payment methods

Through Celcius’ trading partners Wyre and Coinify, users can buy crypto using a variety of payment methods. These include:

  • ACH transfer
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • SEPA transfer

Depending on the payment method you use, you may be subject to different fees and restrictions. For example, if you buy crypto through Coinify, then you can spend €50,000 per day via bank transfer, but only €1000 per day via credit card.

Supported countries

At the time of writing, Celsius is available in over 100 countries across the world. Unsupported countries include those with financial sanctions imposed on them by the United Kingdom, the United States, or the European Union.

Crypto loans

The Celsius network provides financial loans that are backed by cryptocurrencies. You can get a Celsius loan in 4 simple steps:

  1. First, choose the amount you want to borrow in stablecoins/dollars.
  2. Elect your collateral and desired interest rate. You can choose from your existing crypto balance or add new coins to your account.
  3. Pick the loan length. Celsius lets you extend or close this period at any time.
  4. Get approved! As soon as your loan is given the green light, the money will be yours.

Users can choose from over 40 different cryptocurrencies to use as their collateral and can pay back using any of them. They also have the choice of three different interest rates: 1%, 6.95%, and 8.95%. Users based in California can even benefit from 0% APR on their Celsius loans.

Earn interest on crypto holdings

Low-interest crypto loans is just one of the financial services that Celsius provides. In addition, users can store their crypto on the platform and earn interest as they hold. The interest rates vary depending on the coin that you’re holding and will also vary from week to week.


Is Celsius a crypto exchange?

No, Celsius is not a traditional crypto exchange. In fact, Celsius does not have a dedicated exchange at all, meaning trading with third-party vendors is extremely limited. Instead, the best way to think of Celsius is as a crypto bank – you can get crypto-backed loans, send money to friends and family, and earn interest on your crypto holdings.

One thing that sets Celsius apart from the competition is its no-fee approach. As a result, users don’t have to pay any fees when they deposit crypto, withdraw funds or take out a loan. For this reason, many crypto enthusiasts use Celsius to store and send crypto but stick to a recognized exchange platform for their daily trading.

Should I use CEL Tokens on the Celsius Network?

Absolutely! Adding CEL Tokens to your Celsius account will earn you instant benefits and transform your Celsius experience. However, it’s worth noting that users with a US-based Celsius account cannot buy CEL Tokens currently, but this may change in the future.

Here’s a taste of the benefits that holding CEL Tokens in your Celsius wallet will get you:

  • Loan interest discounts
  • Bonus rewards
  • Loyalty reward when combined with CelPay
  • Higher interest returns on the CEL itself

Is the Celsius Network safe?

Celsius is a brand that has put user safety at the forefront of everything they do. Effective security measures such as two-factor authentication and 6-digit pin protection ensure that accounts and crypto balances are safe. Users can also choose to set up facial recognition for additional security.

Coins are also insured by Celsius in the event of a security breach. Coins that aren’t out on loan are stored by PrimeTrust and Fireblocks, who are both reliable financial asset insurers.

What’s the best Celsius promo code?

As well as referral codes, Celsius members can use promo codes for bonuses. Promo codes offer different benefits to referral codes and are suited to different people. For example, if you’re looking to hold enormous amounts of crypto in your Celsius wallet, then using a promo code will usually be better than a referral code.

Whether you choose to use a Celsius Network referral code or a promo code, you will always be able to generate your own Celsius referral link to give to friends. Joining the referral program is one of the best ways to boost your holdings.