StormGain Referral Codes – Updated 2022

StormGain is quickly becoming one of the biggest all-in-one cryptocurrency platforms in America. One of the biggest reasons for this is their fantastic referral program, letting both you and your friends earn more profit on your crypto trades. 

But how do you use a StormGain referral code, and how much can you expect to make through their referral program?

Check out the guide below to find out how to get the most out of your Stormgain account! 

Use Our StormGain Referral Code And Get Your Sign Up Bonus

When you first sign up for a StormGain account, be sure to use our StormGain referral code. This way, you can quickly access a CouponNinja sign-up bonus and start making a profit on your very first cryptocurrency trade. 

If you have received a StormGain link from your friend or family, then using it is incredibly straightforward. Simply click the link they send and sign-up for a StormGain account. Once your account is registered, the user who shared their link with you can start earning! 

To access your referral codes, you simply have to make an account with StormGain then navigate to your account page. Once there, just click on the ‘Your Referral Link’ section and send it to another user!  

How Does The StormGain Referral Program Work?

The StormGain referral code system works the same way as most referral links work. Simply click onto your account, click the StormGain referral code section, and copy the code created. Send this link to any friends or family you wish to share it with. 

How Much Will I Earn After Referring A Friend To StormGain?

Thanks to the StormGain referral program, you can earn up to 15% of the total profit anyone who uses your StormGain referral code will make. This doesn’t get taken from them; StormGain simply pays you 15% of the total transaction! 

This means you can earn a decent amount of extra cash on the side simply by taking advantage of the StormGain referral program! 

What Is The Difference Between The StormGain Referral Code And Promo Code? 

The main difference is that StormGain referral codes are shared with friends and family when an account is created. StormGain referrals will provide you with 15% of everything that the user you share your code with earns through StormGain!  

A promo code will be used by you and is generally offered as a one-time-use deal on any purchase you make. 

How To Join StormGain’s Affiliate Programme?

Joining the StormGain affiliate program is free for any StormGain users. To do so, simply click on the Affiliate register link found on the StormGain site. Enter the relevant details, and access a range of benefits, such as promo codes, not available to your typical StormGain user! 

More About StormGain

Trading fees

There are no trading fees on StormGain unless you are making a profitable trade. Any profitable trades will be charged a 10% profit share charge. 

Withdrawal fees

If you are withdrawing fees on StormGain to an external crypto-wallet, then you will be charged a 0.1% withdrawal fee. This is extremely low when compared to some of the top crypto-trading platforms out there. 

Order types 

StormGain provides a range of order types, so finding the right one for your trades is pretty easy to do. The three main order types that are available on StormGain are Stop Limit, Limit, and Stop orders – which should be familiar to anyone who has previously traded crypto. 

Which coins can you trade?

As StormGain is an all-in-one platform, you can trade most cryptocurrencies out there. From Ethereum to Dogecoin, making trades on StormGain is incredibly accessible. 

Security measures

When trading crypto, security is one of the biggest concerns. Ensuring you use a secure platform is incredibly important, and, thankfully, StormGain is one such platform. 

Users can opt in to 2FA (two-factor authentication), which can be used to ensure only they can access their trading account. You can also choose to use a fingerprint system if you are on a device that offers fingerprint support. 

Payment methods

When purchasing cryptocurrency on StormGain, there are a few ways you can pay. If you are purchasing crypto, then you will need to use a credit or debit card. You can also transfer crypto from your external wallet to your StormGain customer wallet. 

Loyalty program

The StormGain loyalty program comes with a wide range of benefits and different membership levels. In general, which higher tier levels you can expect the following benefits:

  • A larger trading and exchange volume
  • Faster cloud mining speeds
  • A larger bonus for deposits
  • A lower exchange commission percentage 

You may also be able to access a StormGain promo code that isn’t accessible to most users. 

Cloud miner

When using the StormGain cryptocurrency app, users are given access to a free in-app cloud mining system. This can be used to mine BTC and be used on StormGain to make trades or add it to your StormGain wallet. 

Demo account

Before you sign-up for a full account on StormGain, you can access their demo account trail system. You will be given 50,000 USDT, which is around $1 for free which can be used to make real trades on the StormGain platform! 

Supported countries

Although StormGain is fairly new to the world of crypto-trading, it is already available in a wide range of countries. Some of these countries include:

  • UK
  • US
  • China
  • Germany
  • France 
  • Italy

As well as many more countries across the globe – be sure to check the StormGain site to check if your country is supported! 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re new to crypto-trading or you are just looking for a new trading platform to use, consider checking out StormGain. With its fantastic refer-a-friend system and a range of promo codes out there, earning a profit on your crypto has never been easier! 


How many friends can I refer to the refer a friend program?

You can share your StormGain referral code with as many friends and family members as you like. Be sure to take advantage of the invite code system and any other promo codes today! 

Is StormGain a good trading platform?

Yes! StormGain is a feature-rich and incredibly easy-to-use crypto-trading platform. If you do choose to use StormGain be sure to invite friends and make use of the StormGain code system! 

When will I receive payment for referring a friend?

You will receive payment on your account once your friend, who has used your invite code, makes a successful trade. Once a trade has been made, you will be paid 15% of the total trade amount – which can truly start to add up.

Is StormGain safe to use?

StormGain is incredibly safe to use and offers a range of extra security features to prevent unwanted access to your account. For the highest levels of security, add 2FA to your account. 

Finding out the number of people who have registered using your referral code is easy. Simply click on your account, click the “Refer a Friend” tab and scroll down to find the number of people who have used your link!